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Well-Funded Stealth GreenTech Startup – Senior Developer

About us:
We have backing from Japan’s biggest utility and our mission is to transform renewable energy in Japan. We will be launching in July. This is a chance to play with some really big toys, work with a great team, learn emerging tech from around the world, and make a real-world impact.

Since we are still in stealth, we can’t post details publicly, but will share all the details with strong candidates.

Competitive salaries and equity participation.


Team Description:

We are a small but growing team of engineers who are passionate about the craft of software engineering. The startup is technology driven and the development team is a big part of our long-term sales and marketing strategy.

The team you will be working on is responsible for making solar energy systems more accessible. We create web applications and API’s that will be used throughout Japan.

We are made up of engineers comfortable with both front and back end technologies. We strive to make systems that are well tested, well documented, and well organized. Currently, we are utilizing Google Cloud Platform and serverless architectures on firebase.



– You will work as a Full Stack Engineer but mainly backend.
– You will design and implement new features and contribute to technical strategy.
– You will write serverless API’s written in either NodeJS or Go.
– You will protect the API’s with JWT and implement rate limiting.
– You will help ensure quality by writing test for your code.
– You will help maintain the architecture documentation for the software as the software evolves.
– You will provide feedback to other engineers through code reviews.
– Pair programming is encouraged but not required.



– 5+ years of professional software development experience
– Fluency in Javascript (ES8)
– 3+ years working with Go, Java, or another typed language
– 1+ years working with a frontend framework (React, Vue, Angular 2, etc)
– Strong unit-test discipline and/or test-driven development experience
– Comfortable using: git, command line, linux
– Understands how to monitor logs on production systems
– Able to develop and deploy applications to cloud platforms
– Knowledge of Design Patterns and OOP
– Experience designing and building RESTful web APIs


Nice to have:

– Large-scale cloud architecture experience
– Fluency in Angular 2 and Typescript
– Docker or Kubernetes project examples
– Experience working with Google Cloud Platform
– Continuous Integration and Deployment Experience
– Business Japanese


Please send resumes to:

Tim Romero